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SeriesSnowfall S2E4: Jingle Bell Rock
Season 212345
Snowfall S2, E4 - Jingle Bell Rock

Snowfall S2, E4 - Jingle Bell Rock

Airdate: Thursday, August 9, 2018

With morale dipping, Franklin takes steps in order to ensure his crew's loyalty. Lucia's guard starts to come down after a dramatic encounter, but some of her compassion may be misguided. Teddy is confronted with the sins of the past, causing Matt to see his brother in a new light.

Cast: Jonney Ahmanson, Evey Alexander, Gail Bean, Michael Benyaer, Sir Brodie, Howard Campbell, Adriana DeGirolami, Fizaa Dosani, Michael Gonzales, Michael Hyatt, Damson Idris, Isaiah John, Amin Joseph, Taylor Kowalski, Joshua Walker