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MoviesThe Wrong Cruise (2018)
The Wrong Cruise (2018)

The Wrong Cruise (2018)

89min | Thriller | July 2018 | IMDb : -

When a mother takes her teenage daughter on a cruise for some much needed bonding, the two unexpectedly find themselves falling for a couple of very handsome passengers. However, when they leave the ship for a port excursion, they quickly realize that they've been drawn into a web of deceit.

Director: David DeCoteau

Cast: Vivica A. Fox, Andres Londono, William McNamara, Dominique Swain, Sidney Nicole Rogers, Adrian Quinta, Reatha Grey, Alberto Manquero, Helene Udy, Sara Nunez, Joaquin Huizar, Alex Anthony Correa, Chelsea Sorenson, Mariah Wesley, Kennedy Martin

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