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Rouge (1987)

Rouge (1987)

96min | Drama, Fantasy, Music, Mystery, Romance | January 1987 | IMDb : 7.5

Fleur is the blue angel in one of Hong Kong's "flower houses" - bordellos and night clubs of the 1930's. A detached and beautiful performer, she falls in love with Twelfth Master Chan, heir to a chain of pharmacies. They agree to a suicide pact. Jump ahead 50 years to modern Hong Kong: Fleur's ghost appears in Yuen's newspaper office, wanting to place an ad to find Chan, who never arrived in the afterlife.

Director: Stanley Kwan

Cast: Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Alex Man, Emily Chu, Irene Wan, Sin Hung Tam, Yue Wong, Chia Yung Liu, Kara Wai, Yin Tse, Pa-Ching Huang, Ruby Wong, Ching Wai

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