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MoviesThe 82 Tenants (1982)
The 82 Tenants (1982)

The 82 Tenants (1982)

85min | Comedy | December 1981 | IMDb : 6.4

The widow Zhang and Bing, her new young consort, want to sell an apartment house to a property developer but old man Zhang's will provided that the current tenants can stay there as long as they want or the building survives.

Director: Pei-Chuan Li

Cast: Tung-Kua Ai, Pak-Cheung Chan, Shen Chan, Szu-Ying Chien, Huang Chin, Kar Lok Chin, Tien-Chu Chin, Charlie Cho, Tat-Wah Cho, Yee Ching Gan, Ping Ha, Feng Ku, Hark-Sun Lau, Chuen Sing Lee, Shu-Gai Lee

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